Best Beach Holidays in Argentina

Want to escape the summer heat of Buenos Aires? Pinamar and the surrounding beaches offer the perfect beach getaway.

Buenos Aires has no beaches. At least not the city.

The closest option is Tigre, on a river delta that eventually empties into the Atlantic. Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) and travelers seeking a temporary break from the heat of the capital escape to the murky brown waters.

However, about 350 kilometers from the capital, there are actual beaches along the Atlantic coast that offer all the amenities of a typical beachfront resort. This area is called Pinamar, a development that began in the mid-1900s, when an Argentine purchased several thousand hectares of land covered in sand dunes. This Argentine started forest projects, first planting pine and then acacia trees.

Today, Pinamar is famous for its tree-lined landscapes, man-made forests, sand dunes and beautiful beaches. This city, as well as the neighboring towns of Cariló and Villa Gesell, attracts a seasonal migration of Argentines and foreigners looking for beach relaxation in a picturesque setting.

Argentina Beach Holidays

Cariló, surrounded by pine forests, is the most exclusive of these beach towns and ranks as one of the top beach resorts on the Atlantic coast. It is a seasonal city that prepares for the summer months and offers a variety of accommodations for travelers, anything from hotels to cabins to summer homes. The main attraction is the beach, but Cariló city center has a good selection of shops and restaurants. The nearby dunes are perfect for racing in all-terrain vehicles and sand dune bashing is a popular attraction. For a lesser adrenaline rush, there are hiking trails in man-made forests. Cariló beach is perfect for swimming and water sports including jet or water skiing and windsurfing. Returning to land, travelers will find opportunities for cycling and horseback riding.

The main city of Pinamar is less exclusive than Cariló but it is also fueled by summer tourism and many Argentines have good things to do have their homes here. The city center offers world-class accommodation and dining options as well as a variety of entertainment options including nightclubs, cinemas, festivals and casinos. Water sports are practiced on the coast and it is possible to hike in the forest or along the coast to the lighthouse a few kilometers from the city center.

Villa Gesell has been a tourist destination since the 1940s and attracts a more middle-class and less expensive segment of Argentina’s population than Cariló or Pinamar. Despite having a reputation as a summer hangout for teenagers, the city’s efforts are currently underway to attract a more mature crowd. Villa Gesell has a 33-foot (10-meter) long beach, although a neighboring beach has been annexed and extends the beach up to 69 feet (21 meters). The lighthouse on the south coast is surrounded by forests, which serve as a nature reserve and where there are hiking trails. Apart from the beach, the city also has a zoo, golf course and handicraft market.

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