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Travelers of the present world are much more flight-savvy than they were before. Many of us can now enjoy comfortable and convenient flights at reasonable rates thanks to today’s discount airlines.

Travelers of the present world are much more flight-savvy than they were before. Many of us can now enjoy comfortable and convenient flights at reasonable rates thanks to today’s discount airlines. Choosing the best hotel for our journeys, on the other hand, is not always as easy. There are several considerations to weigh, and our choices are also influenced by factors such as travel budget, design, desires, and place.

And just as we figured we’d found the ideal hotel to meet our needs, we discovered it didn’t even come close to meeting our standards — and we wished we’d done more study!

I know how you feel, which is why I’ve compiled a list of the top ten items to think about while booking a hotel. Hopefully, it would be useful to tourists like you when choosing the right hotel for your next trip.

The hotel’s precise spot

In the past, I had lived in a hotel that was inconveniently situated, making it almost impossible to walk (peacefully) anywhere. I often stayed in a hotel that was just outside of the city centre. I wound up wasting a lot of time on my daily commute. These encounters inspired me to always double-check the precise location of the hotel I want to stay at.

Despite the fact that most hotel booking sites offer only very short details of their hotels’ locations, many of them still provide an online map for the benefit of all travellers.

When I recently booked hotels in Jakarta through Traveloka, I double-checked their exact location before making any reservations. As a result, I’ll save money on transportation and waste less time on the road.

Access to the Internet

Internet was like tea to me when I was living the digital nomad lifestyle. I was so restless because I couldn’t get it! It was the only thing I couldn’t imagine not having. I grew irritated whenever it became disconnected. At the moment, the internet was incredibly important to me.

The majority of hotels offer free WiFi, although some can charge a small fee. There are also a handful that only allow a small number of users to access the network. In Bangkok, one of the hotels I stayed at only allowed me to use one WiFi code per unit.

This would be a challenge if there were more than one guest in the hotel room. But I wanted the code for two of my gadgets at the time: my phone and my laptop.

If having access to the Internet is important to you, make sure to inquire about it before making your reservation.

brown wooden lounge chairs on brown wooden dock during daytime

Complimentary breakfast at the hotel

I’ll still look for hotels that have free breakfast. I’d be willing to pay for comfort. This could also help me save money on breakfast.

Some hotels can let you skip breakfast in exchange for a lower room rate. But, if a room with free breakfast is just a dollar more expensive than one without, why not choose the one that feeds your hungry stomach first thing in the morning? After all, eating breakfast in a café outside of your hotel could cost you a lot more money.

Visit reputable review pages and read hotel reviews.

About the fact that I don’t really trust what I read on the Internet, I still find myself looking for hotel feedback on places like travel blogs — only to see what other people have to say about the hotels they’ve stayed in.

The reviews are always helpful, even though they aren’t always right. A few disgruntled travellers will often leave negative feedback simply because they are complicated and fussy. They have the ability to transform a decent hotel into the worst location on the planet. I say, how do you expect a 2-star hotel to have the same level of service as a 4-star hotel?

But it’s places like these that have invaluable services for travellers like me, such as updates on bike rentals, tours, and so on. I can also launch a chat thread and ask others questions about a hotel I’m interested in learning more about. Getting answers to your questions is much better now than it was before.

Hotel amenities and toiletries

When you don’t know a hotel doesn’t have toothpaste, that can be a challenge. Another time, I was forced to do my job in bed because the hotel room didn’t have a table! These flaws were not listed on any of the booking websites.

That is why it is always a smart idea to contact the hotel ahead of time to find out what to expect. If you have any questions about breakfast, toiletries, equipment, or utilities, don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll have less surprises if you do this.

Hotels can be filtered by star scores, rates, availability, and amenities on Traveloka, making it easy for users to compare hotels.